Power Supply Cables

Car Audio

Supra’s power supply cables for car audio are tin plated to withstand outdoor use in cars and to prevent poor connections and power loss caused by corrosion.
Octopower is immune even to a salty coastal climate.

Highly recommended for marine use.

Octopower 8 Octopower 8
Tin plated, 8 mm².


Octopower 16
Octopower 16
Tin plated, 16 mm2.

Octopower 25
Octopower 25
Tin plated, 25 mm2.

Item Mechanical Specifications El. Spec.
    Conductor Cross Sec. Area (mm²/AWG) Insulation Temp. Range (°C) External Size (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Length/ bobbin (m / ft)   Resistance (Ohm/km)
Octopower 8   252x0.19 OFC Sn 8mm²/8 AWG Oil Resistant PVC -35 till +75 Ø5.7 Red/ Black 92 100m / 328ft   2.4
Octopower 16   476x0.19 OFC Sn 16mm²/5 AWG Ø7.5 172 50m / 164ft   1.3
Octopower 25   735x0.19 OFC Sn 25mm²/3 AWG Ø9.2 244 50m / 164ft   0.8