Sword Loudspeaker Cable

Sword Bifilar Wound Litz
2x3.0 mm²

Until now, textbooks have stated that “...a fundamental limit for the musical signal transmission accuracy of speaker connecting cables, is their inductance.” That is because ‘All wires have inductance.’

What a dream if we could transfer an audio signal through a cable without any influence from the cable. As if the cable had no length...

Now you can.

Supra Sword is just such an electrically transparent cable, acting only as medium - not as a modifier of the signal.

Inductance is the main cause of imper-fect musical performance in a loud-speaker connecting cable. Unfortunately, textbooks show how all ordinary (and even exotic) cables and conductors are inductive.

Yet, the Sword conductors are not.

Inductance but virtually no Inductance
How can our patented Sword conduc-tors be non-inductive if all conductors are inductive? Simply because they are finely divided and the resulting strands are then wound in mutual opposition (one side of 12 wires goes clockwise and the other side of 12 wires is laid on top, going counter-clockwise) - so there’s virtually no net inductive effect. This remarkable ‘absence of effective inductance’ is true of both the overall send and return conductors, as well as of the overall cable that they comprise.

Why didn’t anyone make this before?
First they had to think of it. Like all good ideas, it sounds easy as a fait accompli. In other words, Supra Sword’s new manner of construction is also easy to visualise with hindsight, but was actually rejected as practically impossible-to-manufacture by ordinary cable makers. Only a technically advan-ced maker could make it available to the public. This has been possible due to developments at Jenving Technology - where Forward Thinking Technology is engineered.

Sword Card


Sword Speaker Cable
Sword Cable


Sword Conductor


Eliminated Skin Effect
Because Supra Swords’ conductors comprise a number of individually insulated wires, dynamic skin effect is cancelled. This dynamic skin effect is of course, a major cause of music signals’ quality being audibly degraded by speaker cables.

What does it sound like?
Supra Sword passes the most complex music transients without any deformations. Signal delay is suddenly the same at all musical frequencies. Therefore it vanishes. You suddenly realise how bad all ordinary cables have been when you hear this: Supra Sword gives a clear 3-dimensional presence, a sure sign of the highest fidelity.

*Note: If you are purchasing a USED Sword cable, make sure the cable has not been abused because if only a single strand has been cut by accident, the cable will not perform at its climax. The test is very simple. Connect a regular wire to your system and listen for a few minutes, then go back to your Sword cable. If you hear that the Sword cable lacks high frequency, that means the cable is broken and must be re-terminated by factory or distributor. Special training is required for assembling this cable.